Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Ziegmann

Prof. Dr.-Ing. G. Ziegmann

Senior Professorship Composite Materials

TU Clausthal Institute of Polymer Materials and Plastics Technology Agricolastr. 6 38678 Clausthal


Study of mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen, specialising in plastics technology
1979Doctorate at the Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) Subject: Temperature-resistant plastics - production, structure and properties using selected examples
1980Dornier, Friedrichshafen Development of new construction methods for aircraft construction, mainly fibre composite structures
1986Fa AKZO, Wuppertal Head of application technology fibre composites (carbon and aramid fibre); establishment of a quality assurance system for the application technology laboratory, qualification for various aviation companies
1990Head of the Construction Laboratory at ETH Zurich; development and expansion of the research laboratory with a focus on fibre composite technology
Nov. 1998- Sept. 2012Head of the Institute of Polymer Materials and Plastics Engineering, TU Clausthal
Oct. 2012Holder of the Lower Saxony Professorship in Composite Plastics


Composite structures Fibres and matrices

Flemming, M. ETH Zurich Ziegmann, G. , TU Clausthal Roth, S. , Salem Faserverbundbauweisen Fasern und Matrices 1995. VIII, 309 p. 200 Fig. ISBN 3-540-58645-8

This book describes all fibre and matrix systems of fibre composite constructions available on the market today. These systems are already in use now, or will be in the near future, in many technical areas. The book serves as a detailed reference book and textbook for industrial practitioners who manufacture or use fibre-reinforced composites as well as for scientists and students. It is part of a multi-volume complete work on construction methods by the same authors, renowned industrial experts and university researchers.

Keywords: construction methods, fibre composites

"... The authors succeed ... in providing the necessary comprehensive information on all currently relevant fibers and matrices. Beyond the usual framework, a lot of background information is given on the development history, motivation and the direction of development of the individual components. In addition, current developments are presented and future developments are indicated ...". (Construction) "... This highly recommendable work leaves nothing to be desired in terms of completeness..." (machinery market)


Fibre composite manufacturing method with thermosetting matrix

Flemming, M. ETH Zurich Ziegmann, G. , TU Clausthal Roth, S. , Salem Faserverbundbauweisen Manufacturing process with thermoset matrix 1999. XIII, 385 p. 279 Fig. ISBN 3-540-61659-4

This is the authors' third book on fibre composite construction methods. The first dealt with the more basic fibres and matrices, the second describes in equal detail and up-to-date the semi-finished products and construction methods that are one step further in the manufacturing process. This volume deals with the special manufacturing processes for fibre composite structures with thermoset matrix. The chemical industry, vehicle and aircraft manufacturers and other industries using lightweight materials are particularly addressed. The authors have been active in the field of fibre composite construction for many years, in the aerospace industry, fibre manufacturers and in science and research.

Keywords: Materials

Contents: Wet laminating and impregnation processes; prepreg - low pressure autoclave process with thermosetting resin systems; fibre wet winding technology; resin transfer moulding technology; moulding and extrusion moulding; RIM process; fibre/resin spraying process; vacuum bag and pressure bag process; process for the production of hollow fibre composites; special and combination processes; combination processes (pull winding process); occupational health and safety.


Fibre composite construction methods Semi-finished products and construction methods

Flemming, M. ETH Zurich Ziegmann, G. , ETH Zurich, Schlieren Roth, S. , Salem Faserverbundbauweisen Halbzeuge und Bauweisen 1996. XII, 334 p. 330 Fig. ISBN 3-540-60616-5

The book shows in detail the many possibilities for the design of textile semi-finished products, which lead through various stages to the finished component. It also provides insight into possible combinations of fibers and matrices with thermoplastic and thermoset polymers. The authors discuss the special features of the construction possibilities with fibre composites and illustrate the variety of construction methods with numerous component pictures and sketches of principles. The book serves both the student as a textbook and the practitioner as a detailed reference book and encourages the development engineer to develop new construction and manufacturing concepts. The book "Faserverbundbauweisen - Fasern und Matrices" by the same authors forms an excellent basis and supplement to the present work.

Keywords: construction methods, fibre composites

"... was written by experienced authors who have been working with fibre composites for decades; it is characterized by the fact that it gives an excellent overview of the possibilities of fibre arrangements in fibre composites ... that this book, in its summarizing presentation, is an enrichment of the literature on fibre reinforcement. (Draughtsman for metallurgy)