Implementation of a potential based positioning of carbon fibers in fiber reinforced structures

Verantwortlich: Pangboonyanon, W.

Limited energy resources require an increasing amount of light weight design. Regarding this issue in aerospace and automotive industry fiber reinforced plastics are gaining more and more importance. The assembly of these hardened thermoset composites is a manufacturing challenge. For example in the aerospace industry the required riveting holes cut the fibers of the composites, resulting in a damaged part. Within the project a potential free fiber structure should be developed, which positions the fibers around the riveting hole, permitting a riveted structure without damaged fibers. The concept is focused on dry unidirectional fiber structures with an outlook to fabrics and braided textiles. To position the fibers the applicable methods (magnetic, electromagnetic, impulse technique) should be analysed mathematical in simulation and verified by structural experiments. An approach to this topic would be to detect the potential of the modified material samples, then to verify the simulation results e.g. in terms of the achieved fiber orientation in real samples. Additionally a comparison of the mechanical properties to common structures should be carried out. After the development of potential based positioning systems the implementation of such modified material samples should be done.